Helsekontrollen is a factual consumerprogram which checks the health industry, - checking what actually works and what is a waste of money.  Norwegians have never worked harder to get stronger, healthier, faster and prettier. This is a pot of gold for some; -there is always a pill, a cure or a drink for everything. This program gives you the answer for which products and services keep their promise to the consumer and which is not. Helsekontrollen discloses those who fool you and confront the responsible leadership. Host Marte Spurkland and her team of excellent consumerjournalists promise that everyone that wants to make money on our dream of good fysical and mental health can expect a visit from Helsekontrollen. In addition she provides guidance for which healthproducts and services you can trust and what is just a waste of money.


  • Best Lifestyle Programme
  • 2018