In Meglerkampen, three real estate agents compete to find the dream home for one buyer.

During one week, the agents meet a new buyer every day, and the buyers won’t settle for just anything.

The challenge is that each agent only gets to show one object each to the buyer, and at the end of the day it is the buyer who selects a winner.

At the end of the week, only the two agents with the highest score are competing, and one will eventually earn the title of “Super Real Estate Agent of the Week”!

In this humorous home-hunting show, you get unique insight into how real estate agents are thinking while selling property. Expert agent, Nils Nordvik, follows every step of the process, and comments on the agents’ performance during the airing.

Meglerkampen is a series consisting of 24 episodes and was first aired October 3rd, 2016 on TV3.