Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel enters its 12th season this year. It is a show that has become a “must see” and is one of Norway’s most popular concepts in the 15-30 audience.

10 young, beautiful singles get their dream stay at a luxury hotel in Mexico; 5 boys and 5 girls.  Every week a new contestant checks in to the hotel, and to remain at the hotel – all the contestants must team up with a partner of the opposite sex.

If you don’t have a partner after the “couple ceremony” at the end of the week, you must check out of the hotel and leave paradise.

How far are you willing to go to stay in paradise? Are you willing to stab your best friend or your partner in the back to save yourself?

Paradise Hotel is broadcasted Monday and Wednesday for 12 weeks this spring and was nominated for Gullruten 2018 for Best Competetive Reality.