Trinny & Susannah

Trinny & Susannah – oppdrag Norge is a lifestyle series hosted by the British super-stylists, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine. The experienced stylists have styled women all around the world in a number of TV series, and here they are trawling our far-stretching country in search of Norwegians with fashion crises. In each episode, they set out in various Norwegian cities where they track down candidates who have varying style challenges. Trinny and Susannah also encounter some Norwegian celebrities with fashion issues of their own.

During the course of a day in the studio, participants get a full makeover by the stylists and a team of hair stylists and makeup experts, before unveiling their new style in front of an audience on the catwalk.

The programme deals with issues with which are easily identifiable for many viewers, and the stylists also touch on deeper topics during their close encounters with real people.

Trinny & Susannah – oppdrag Norge is broadcasted on FEM.