TV2 Hjelper Deg

TV 2 hjelper deg is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year!

In this consumer-oriented show, presenter Solveig Barstad and her team offer weekly new investigations and revelations on behalf of consumers. Both major chains and small shops are investigated. TV2 hjelper deg investigate and reveal how we as consumers are being scammed or are forced to pay too much, or receive an item that is of lower quality than it should be. We also help Norwegian consumers who have had trouble with a shop or a company.

TV 2 hjelper deg had its first broadcast April the 6th 1994, and is TV 2’s longest running TV show. Solveig Barstad has been the presenter since 2000.

Do you have an issue that you need help solving? Contact us by sending us an email to You can also follow our show on social media, where you get consumer-related news, unique behind the scenes access and the opportunity to take part in our show.