Ut av Skapet

Why, in our enlightened and modern society, is it still difficult to come out as gay? In this series, we attempt to shed light on this matter through five ordinary, young Norwegians.

Ut av Skapet follows Therese, Sigrid, Rebecca, Ola and Jonathan on their path toward becoming open about their homosexuality. During this process, they are sharing an apartment in Oslo and giving each other support. One by one, they are taking the huge step of telling family and friends that they are gay. How should they go about telling them? How will they react? How will things feel afterward? We watch them closely during a process that is of great significance to them and their futures.

“Fucking Fag” is one of the most common terms of abuse at Norwegian schools, and many Norwegian homosexuals must deal with scepticism and prejudice in their daily lives. Over the course of this series, these young people seek out environments in which they think it might be challenging to be gay while speaking with politicians involved in policy-making and meeting other gay people who can inspire them and show the way. The programme host is Heidi Marie Vestrheim. Ut av Skapet is being produced for NRK.